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White Screen

People use fully white screens for all kinds of reasons. In this article, we have listed some of the most common use cases.

Testing page

White screen test is a simple yet incredibly useful tool for assessing any display's performance, ensuring that colors are accurate, and detecting any dead pixels or abnormalities.

Full screen white page

White page on full screen is a great way to get more light on your face during video calls. It will also help in concentration, as white light will activate your neurons.

White screen for light

White screen is a great light source. Try using white screen as a light source for your photos. It is a great way to get a soft and even light on your subject. You can also use it as a background for your product photos.

I like to put white screen on my second monitor while I am in a video call. It gives me a nice soft light on my face.

White screen to make duplicate images

It is very easy to recreate details or pictures on a paper with a bright surface underneath. Simply trace the outline on the marked spot.

Use a white screen to test your display

With a blank white screen, it is very easy to find dead pixels in your monitor. This is especially important for modern OLED monitors. When you spot the dead pixels early, it is easier to fix the issue or get a replacement from the manufacturer.

White screen as a background

You can create a fully white background in the desired resolution with just a few clicks. Download the image and set it as your desktop background. You can also use it as a background for your website or social media profile.

White screen for cleaning

Use a white monitor to clean your phone, tablet or laptop. You can easily see all the dust and other mess on your display when it is fully white.

You can use white screen even to clean your house. All the little flies and bugs love a light source in a dark room, so set your computer monitor white and collect all the little flies.

Using a white display as a cosmetics light

White display is a great lighting source for applying make up and cosmetics. You can also take photos easily with a white screen as a background.

Super bright white light for concentration

Feeling tired? Use a white screen to get a boost of energy. It is a great natural way to get a quick energy boost without caffeine.